January 19, 2009
Earning the Fourth Stripe

Those interested in the more technical aspects of flight 1549s ditching who's wife, like mine, has let their Aviation Week subscription expire should find this Popular Mechanics break-down (as it were) of interest. This one finally points out there were two guys in that cockpit, and the survival of the aircraft was likely due to their teamwork. I'm still amazed they landed it so softly one of the engines stayed on its mounts. Those things are shaped, and act, like giant Hoover vacuum cleaners, and I just about promise you the Airbus guys didn't have water skiing in mind when they designed the mounts.

And that reminds me... kudos to said Airbus engineers. If you haven't already, lift a glass or three to each other for designing something that flies extremely well and, in a pinch and with just the right circumstances, makes a good enough boat.

Posted by scott at January 19, 2009 08:35 AM

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