February 05, 2008
Big Prop

With blade lengths over 400 feet, I do not doubt the E-126 wind turbine is the largest in the world. I wonder how tall the tower itself is? I couldn't spot a citation.

Now if we can just convince ol' Teddy it won't ruin his fishing off the Vineyard...

Posted by scott at February 05, 2008 04:15 PM

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One thing I've heard much about is the killing of birds - in fact, it's even noted in the article. We've got someone quoted there saying there's no real danger because the thing only does 12rpm. Well, if I'm doing my math right, that still means the tips of the blades are going at damn near 177mph.

Now - am I saying to not build these? Hell, no. Anything that can prove to be feasible, generate lots of power, and show a profit is fine by me. Just be a bit careful with the placement and be honest with the facts.

Posted by: Ron on February 6, 2008 08:07 AM
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