October 08, 2007
He isn't Always Evil, and He is not Always Wrong

While I'm just about certain these trees on Mars, well, aren't, it would be interesting to hear what NASA thinks they really are. Assuming, of course, they really are pictures of Mars, and not something in the back yard of a New Mexico trailer park.

Posted by scott at October 08, 2007 01:03 PM

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fascinating pics. They appear to reside on a real NASA server but I could be wrong.

Do wonder what the official interpretation is.

I wanna believe

Posted by: walt moffett on October 8, 2007 05:36 PM

It could also be some sort of crystalline structure that's leaching out of the soil and just happens to form into something very interesting.

However, if there are other areas of interest, let's pop a Rover down there and start screwing with extraterrestrial life.

I mean, seriously, what could possibly go wrong?

Posted by: ron on October 9, 2007 04:34 PM
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