September 13, 2007
A Bit of Common Sense

The author of The Skeptical Environmentalist has finally released a follow-up:

Mr. Lomborg starts by doing what he does best: presenting a calm analysis of what today's best science tells us about global warming and its risks. Relying primarily on official statistics, he ticks through the many supposed calamities that will result from a hotter planet--extreme hurricanes, flooding rivers, malaria, heat deaths, starvation, water shortages. It turns out that, when these problems are looked at from all sides and stripped of the spin, they aren't as worrisome as global-warming alarmists would suggest. In some cases, they even have an upside.

I found his first book actually a bit dry, but it still represented the most thorough and even-handed look at what environmentalist's priorities are compared to what they probably should be I'd ever read. The fact that it sent the enviro-establishment, and more than one personal acquaintance, into positively apoplectic fits of disdain and derision only strengthened my view that Mr. Lomberg was on to something. His current book seems to be more of the same, which means it'll most likely be on my list of "to-do" books very soon.

Oh, and before you go raising your nose to sniff down at me again, go read the damned book first. At least then I'll be able to take you a little bit seriously.

No, not you, the other one.

Via Siflay.

Posted by scott at September 13, 2007 11:37 AM

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