September 05, 2007

MS Live Search + Boomer in dry dock = possible security breach.

Actually, I'm not sure just how useful this image would be to, say, China or India. All you get here is (an admittedly interesting) view of the gross features of the prop. It seems to have several different colors of metal, which means it's made of who knows what sort of exotic combo of materials. It's also possible there are a whole lot of surface details that help silence it, and in cases like this the devil is most definitely in the details.

IMO, there's probably no end of Oriental fire-drilling in various Navy departments at the moment, but it probably doesn't represent an important breach. In other words, they most definitely wouldn't have shown us this if we'd asked, but it's really no big damned deal.

Posted by scott at September 05, 2007 10:58 AM

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