August 16, 2007
Display Bang

The Japanís National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has developed a 3-D laser projector that only needs air to function. I'm not sure how much fun a display that creates its images by superheating tiny amounts of air will be, let alone how safe. But if they could scale it up huge it'd most likely make for some amazing fireworks. Still, they're in the early stages of development, so who knows where it might go?

Posted by scott at August 16, 2007 09:11 AM

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1 - It's the Japanese. They're all about tech like this.
2 - Go back and watch any cyberpunk anime. They're full of floating ads that this tech would be perfect for.
3 - You'll see it used for pr0n in roughly 38 seconds...

Posted by: Ron on August 16, 2007 09:20 AM
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