August 03, 2007
You Have 30 Seconds to Comply

Fully armed robots are now on the loose in Iraq. Sure, there's only 3 of them, and they're about as glamorous as a treaded toaster. But if they work out, they could be the start of something really big.

I guess sometimes prophecies do come to pass:

By using violence as a method of political advancement, by embracing outrageous expressions of destruction as leitmotifs of a belief system, Islam makes itself worse than irrelevant. It makes itself a clear and present danger to people who are rapidly gaining the technological capability of dismantling and destroying it by remote control at no risk to the conquerors.

Of course, if they start shooting up the place at random, it'll be back to the drawing board. But most likely not for long...

Posted by scott at August 03, 2007 02:08 PM

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