August 02, 2007
Now That's Just Cool

After a long slog of five months, I'm actually creating production-level C# code. I've used the Adapter, Command, and N-tier patterns so far, and may very well end up using more. What I find absolutely striking is how I can re-factor (re-write to get the same functionality in a different way) big chunks of code, look at it, say to myself, "that should work," run the test, and it works! I hardly ever refactored in Cold Fusion because it never worked when I thought it should. Tons of extra debugging makes Scott an unhappy programmer!

The more familiar I get with it, the more I'm beginning to realize that I've been trying to code like this for ten or eleven years, ever since I completed my first "enterprise" CF app*. Unfortunately, while Cold Fusion is extremely elegant when it comes to hooking databases up to web pages, if you try to do anything else it gets very clunky very fast (IMO).

Which is not to say C# and the .Net "way" are perfect. Far from it. I've been tinkering enough now to find some definite weaknesses. But it's so much better than what I was doing before.

Hell I may end up making a living doing this. You never know.

* Which, by the way, is still in use, 10 years later, with very happy users. Booya!

Posted by scott at August 02, 2007 12:43 PM

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keep working at it, and you'll eventually figure out that C# and the .Net "way" are perfect... :-)

Posted by: mrfred on August 2, 2007 08:40 PM

No - perfect is hiring folks like you to do this for us.

Then complaining that you didn't do it right after we gave you incomplete specs, slashed your budget, and then cut the timeline in half.

Posted by: ron on August 3, 2007 09:25 AM

hey, I didn't know you worked in my office! :-)

Posted by: mrfred on August 3, 2007 01:15 PM
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