February 06, 2007

Dude... I mean, where do you start:

Deary Abby: I am writing on behalf of my friends at work. We have a co-worker, "Madge," who had a stillborn baby last year. It was tragic. Our problem is, she keeps a photo of the deceased infant with its little eyes sewn shut on her desk in plain view, so that if we must interact with her (we have an open cubicle layout) we have to see it.

Fortunately, the article is completely picture-less. I know that something like this can create long-lasting emotional trauma, but holy freakin' jeebus on a stick, we gotta have limits people. Limits!

Via WTF is it Now?!?, whose icon on this story is much better than our own.

Posted by scott at February 06, 2007 03:10 PM

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