December 01, 2006
Weer On Ur Couchez, Steelin' Ur Childrenz

Posted by Ellen at December 01, 2006 08:44 PM

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weer on ur couchez, thnking boot how 2 eet ur kidz.

Posted by: ron on December 1, 2006 09:27 PM


Posted by: maru on December 2, 2006 11:24 AM

*sigh* Research indicates the "killin ur d00dz" meme started with a game of Red Faction, during a well-executed but otherwise typical "base rape."

"where r u man"
"im in ur base killin ur d00dz"

Sadly, that one short dialogue was the only funny part of the in-game log, so the meme was mostly relegated to banging around C&C fan forums online. Someone at the US State Department was apparently a C&C fan, because during OIF a poster was published with pictures of GW Bush and Saddam Hussein having the same conversation. Or maybe a C&C fan photoshopped up one, and posted it online saying it was being posted at the State Department. Never can really tell with the internet, but it would explain why it occasionally gets kicked around our local news station when the talking heads are trying to convince the viewers they have a sense of humor. Now if they didn't always do the daily humor display at the exact same time on the show (just before the weather), it might actually convince someone they're human.

Anyhow, someone (probably FARK) has grabbed the meme, and run with it, right into the "add pictures of funny cats" end zone. So now it's the Next Big Thing.

Posted by: Tatterdemalian on December 2, 2006 03:09 PM

Heh... and Bah Humbug to you, Mr. Scrooge.

You'll have to put up with us for this one, we think it's a scream.

Then again, it's pretty obvious we're easily amused.

Posted by: scott on December 2, 2006 05:20 PM

Hey, it's funny as any other meme. I just hate not knowing where these things originate, because it makes me feel like I'm missing out on the joke. I didn't even see the LEEEROY JENKINS video until like six months after it was first posted, and it always drove me nuts when I'd say "WTF is Leroy Jenkins?" and people would just call me a newb.

In this case, there really isn't any kind of funny movie reference, video, flash animation behind it, it's just an homage to pwnage that just happened to catch on. Sort of like "ate my balls" home pages.

Posted by: Tatterdemalian on December 2, 2006 07:48 PM

Cute Overload has had "I'm in ur X, Yin' ur Z" on a couple of its cute photos lately. Um, could not add link due to "questionable content".

Anyhow, I just wanted to say, never mind flowers from Alex, *here* Olivia looks like she is in love. Awww.

PS -- Also could not add blogspot site as URL.

Posted by: thebookmistress on December 4, 2006 11:06 AM

oh well we are going to have to fix that! :)

Posted by: ellen on December 4, 2006 11:11 AM
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