November 29, 2006
Oh Hell... And Santa Got O a Fur Real Pony...

mini pony.

Notice... this pony looks like a warthog, but is not a warthog. It just looks like one.

Posted by Ellen at November 29, 2006 09:08 PM

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You mean a Puma, right?

Posted by: ronaprhys on November 30, 2006 06:27 AM


Posted by: Joshua on November 30, 2006 08:45 AM

1. Minis are supposed to be well-conformed.

2. The halter doesn't help

3. She looks pregnant. Late-pregnancy mares almost always look deformed, even if full sized.

4. I'm wondering about dog/horse size discrepancies, but I'm too tired to work it out: largest dogs are about eh, 40 inches at the shoulder? 200 pounds? How small do dogs get? Teacup poodles?

Largest horse is I think 78 inches at the shoulder and is reputed to weigh 2,660 pounds. The news reports didn't report the mini mare's weight.

Posted by: Liz on December 1, 2006 01:22 AM


The tallest dog breed is the Irish Wolfhound, which I believe the current record has a 5 foot tall at the shoulder (which would be 60 inches, if I'm doing the math correctly in my head). The heaviest, the English Mastiff, is also huge. Zorba, the record holder, was 343lbs and 8' 3" long.

Posted by: ron on December 1, 2006 09:48 AM

I think the article would mention it if the pony was pregnant. More likely its digestive system developed into the size necessary to break down cellulose, even though the rest of its body didn't.

Dwarfism often results in such anomalies; mutations aren't known for respecting our sense of beauty or symmetry.

Posted by: Tatterdemalian on December 1, 2006 04:12 PM
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