June 27, 2006
It's A Precious

True story!

Several years ago I was asked by Tina, an asstant of mine, if I ever heard of a cat breed called a 'precious'. Turns out neither of us had never heard of it.

When I went to the client inquiring about the cat, I noticed that she looked like a regular short haired cat. Nothing fancy, no blue hair, stubby legs, or tin foil hats anywhere.

But the owner was rather insistant that the cat was a new breed called a 'precious'.

The nice thing about new clients is that they normally bring their breeder papers in with them.

A-ha! a phone number!

Three minutes into the phone call the breeder is laughing out loud at me. "That's not a precious! She is just a regular short haired cat! Her name is Precious.


Posted by Ellen at June 27, 2006 04:09 PM

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