June 14, 2006
Sur-prise Sur-prise Sur-prise

Hey Ellen, remember when we stacked stuffed animals on you that one time you passed out? Just be glad we don't live in Japan.

I'm not sure I could buy the amount of trouble I'd be in if I was somehow part of something like that. Then again, some of the setups are so absurd I have a hard time believing the "victim" isn't in on the plot. Doesn't matter, Japanese TV is still amazingly weird either way.

Posted by scott at June 14, 2006 04:05 PM

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Dunno - considering how hard it was to wake her up (something about slapping the soles of her feet), I think it's possible.

not that I would want, in any way whatsoever, to be even in the same state as you when she woke up, but damn if it wouldn't be funny to see the mushroom cloud that used to be you...

Posted by: ron on June 14, 2006 07:51 PM
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