May 28, 2006
At Least Ellen Wasn't Driving

Because if she was we'd have yet another character added to our menagerie:

The next time Dan McBride rents a car, he may want to inspect it not just for dings and dents but also for snakes.

The assistant athletic director at Eastern Kentucky University found a two-foot-long ball python in his rental car this week as he left the Ohio Valley Conference baseball tournament in Paducah.

I think our own ball python Pokey is a little bigger than this, in which case the snake would be kind of intimidating, but not a complete terror. Personality wise, Pokey is a bit dodgier than our surfer-dude-with-scales corn snake Cornbread, so I don't begrudge this guy's freak-out reaction.

At least none of The Grammas were around. If they were I have a feeling we'd be collecting life insurance policies right about now.

Posted by scott at May 28, 2006 09:21 AM

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If I die because of one of your snakes I guarantee you will not be collecting the insurance. It will go into trust funds for the kids.

Posted by: Grandma Pat on May 29, 2006 06:45 PM
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