March 01, 2006
I Knew the Little Monsters were Evil

After all these years, finally a cat trifecta:

Four European countries today imposed restrictions on the movements of cats after a dead cat in Germany was discovered to have been infected with bird flu.

Now, I'm probably just a tool of the VRWC* here, but I've read in more than one place that flu in and of itself does not kill, it's the secondary infections (mostly pneumonias) that get you. Since, unlike 1917, we have shots for pretty much all of that, and, unlike most of modern East Asia, we have a functioning infrastructure and a population that knows medicine works better than ground up tiger wang, I'm thinking maybe I probably aught not worry too much about the ol' bird flu. Besides, my mom worries enough for six people, so I'm figuring me, Ellen, Olivia, and at least three other people can be calm and happy because of that alone.

* Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Posted by scott at March 01, 2006 02:30 PM

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Agreed - I've had the debate with folks, done a bit of looking, etc. Basically, folks in modern countries with access to decent healthcare tend to not die from this. They may be sick for awhile, but that's about it. And it's not just that - it's the combination of better hygiene in general, not sleeping with infected birds on your head, higher calorie d!et, communication, education, and the like thrown in.

Posted by: ronaprhys on March 1, 2006 02:35 PM

Avian Flu has always been way down on the list of things I worry about.

Posted by: Pat on March 1, 2006 06:02 PM
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