January 26, 2006
Paging The Gap Band, White Courtesy Phone Please

Space.com is carrying this article summarizing the announcement of plans to build a new Mars probe with a rather explosive technique:

Now, researchers led by Phil Christensen at Arizona State University in Tempe, US, are proposing a mission to search for that ice directly. The idea behind THOR (Tracing Habitability, Organics, and Resources) is to fly an observer spacecraft to Mars and, hours before it reaches the planet, release an "impactor" ball. It could be up to 230 kilograms in mass and would be aimed at a region about 40 north or south of the equator.

I keep getting this vision of a green Coyote looking up, then looking at the camera, then opening a very tiny umbrella and closing his eyes.

Posted by scott at January 26, 2006 01:12 PM

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