November 30, 2005
Just Don't Call it a Recovery

Recession? What recession?

U.S. economic growth rose at a 4.3 percent annual rate from July through September, the quickest since the first quarter of last year and evidence of the economy's resilience in the face of record energy costs.
Growth in the U.S. has exceeded a 3 percent rate for 10 straight quarters, the longest such string since the 13 quarters that ended in March 1986. Even so, polls show many Americans still perceive the economy as weak. A survey released Nov. 28 by the Manchester, New Hampshire-based American Research Group found that 43 percent of those questioned said the economy was in a recession, while 44 percent said it wasn't.

Staggering though it may seem, I'm actually not going to chalk this one up to the Bush administration. Clinton walked into the train station as one engine was pulling out and another pulling in, Bush was simply fortunate enough to do the same. The media, where they acknowledge it at all, will react I expect the same way they did during the Regan recovery... suddenly switching from dirdges over the current disaster to dirdges predicting a new one.

Like fine glasswork, economic success takes a long time to create but only seconds to destroy. The left has proven it is eager, willing, and able to pull out its policy hammer at the first opportunity, and history is littered with the economic shards of their well-intentioned but utterly misguided policies. Wherever possible, and in any way I can, I will not allow them to do it again.

Which is why I vote Republican.

Posted by scott at November 30, 2005 01:59 PM

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