October 17, 2005
Corn Poop

It's official, I have finally been "christened" by Cornbread. Yes, he peed on me. Well, if you could call it pee. It was more of a 'peepoo' thing.

He'd crawled under my laptop, I thought merely snoozing away. Suddenly, I felt like I peed myself. Nope, it was Cornbread.

Me: "Ewww! Eww!"

Scott: "What?"

Me: "Cornbread just did business on me!"

Scott: "It was dark, he was warm and relaxed. He's a guy. This should be filed under, 'duh'"

Thing is, I know he's right. And I sleep with him!

The husband, I mean. Maybe I should swap...

Posted by Ellen at October 17, 2005 08:21 PM

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