August 25, 2005
First Person

Instapundit linked up this harrowing account of a journalist's adventures covering Mosul:

Folks who haven't done much urban fighting might take issue with the wild chases, and they might say that people should always "stack up" and do things this or that way, but men in Delta Force, SEALs and the like, all know that when chasing wild men into the labyrinth, soldiers enter the land of confusion. If soldiers don't go fast, the bad guys simply get away. Just a few minutes ago, these three guys were going "105 miles per hour," and outrunning a helicopter.

There were shops, alleys, doorways, windows . . .which to me screamed: death, death, death, death...

A little disjointed in places, but still highly recommended as a "warts-and-all" account we just don't see much of from the Green Zone-bound MSM.

Posted by scott at August 25, 2005 02:38 PM

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