August 19, 2005
Miracle Fabric

In the latest "living science fiction" installment, we have nanotube fabric, which now apparently can be manufactured in bulk:

The flexible, transparent sheets can conduct electricity and emit light or heat when a voltage is applied, leading their creators to propose that our car windows and the canopies of military aircraft could contain nearly invisible antennae, electrical heaters for defrost, or informative optical displays.

These sheets, which are presently several meters long but could potentially be much larger, might also be useful in everything from flexible computer screens that could be rolled into a sack, to light bulb-like devices providing uniform lighting, to strong sails that could be propelled in space by sunlight.

The stuff is so new and capable, they literally have no idea how many different uses it will have. Now that they can produce it comparatively cheaply, we may all get to find out soon.

Posted by scott at August 19, 2005 09:34 AM

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