July 26, 2005
I Bet They Call it Dodge-u Ba-ru

Everyone's favorite "stranger in a strange land" teacher is at it again, this time with some... interesting... observations about how Japanese children play dodge ball:

We both looked at the nearby girls court. Standing in the center of the court was the smallest ichinensei girl, and let me emphasize this in case you missed it, THE SMALLEST ICHINENSEI GIRL, standing meekly with her hands above her head. "Oops! Sorry!" She calls out. The ball is returned and the game continues. Another small ichinensei girl gets the ball. But it's no longer the *stepstepstep* *pitiful toss* "Oooh! Sorry!" *stepstepstep* in once was. No. She ran forward and chucked that Dodgeball like Moses hurling the Ten Commandments off the mountain. Complete with a Zena Warrior Princess war-cry that could bring any man to his knees. Suddenly, the cutesy ichinensei girls dodgeball game had become *run* "AI-YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!" *dodgeball chuck with all the Unleashed Furies of Hell behind it*.

I swear, sometimes it's like the only difference between real Japanese and anime Japanese is the color scheme.

Posted by scott at July 26, 2005 02:19 PM

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