July 13, 2005
Response to Spam

*From a REAL email I recieved today*

Ellen! Should Jessica Simpson pose naked for Playboy?

My response, that I exclaimed out loud to Scott: "Do I give a shit? NO." *email deleted, husband punched* To husband, "Nobody asked you!"

Another one:

Ellen! Do you have problems with the length of your penis?

"Why yes actually, thanks for asking."

*Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Can't you tell by my email that it's a female name? I sure know lots of Ellens who are male.

Even worse, from Grandma: "And you know, I used to get those emails 3-4 times a day 6 months ago".

We were afraid to ask what she replied.

Posted by Ellen at July 13, 2005 06:16 PM

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We can only hope her career goes down the toilet so that she will

Posted by: richie on July 14, 2005 02:57 AM
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