July 06, 2005
Magic Smoke

Everyone knows that electric and electronic devices do not actually use electricity to function. This is a myth perpetrated by the gigantic electric industry to further their plans for world domination. These devices actually work on Magic Smoke. As long as said smoke does not escape from the device, it will work no matter what you do to it.

Well, classic British car owners are in luck, as someone has come up with replacement magic smoke for their vintage wiring harnesses. No British car restoration would be complete without at least a little of this stuff leaking out from under the dash board. Act now! Don't delay! Supplies are limited! Be sure not to miss the Q&A section at the bottom of the auction.

Hmm? Alfas? Well, old Alfas use the same open fuses found on VW bugs and the like. If you pop one, you'll get a right cheery burst of smoke oozing out from under the dash. The first time my old silver spider did that, I thought my crotch had caught fire.

But that was just a fuse. Since fuses don't make the car go fast, Alfa always went the cheap route and never bothered to protect any electrical connections from the weather. This means an Alfa is far more likely to have electricals that simply don't work due to bad grounds rather than cheerily smoldering harnesses due to crossed wires.

In other words, it's not smoke, it's character.

Posted by scott at July 06, 2005 02:44 PM

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I have read almost the entire site and it's wonderful! It is thrilling to meet people with similar fishy interest (Oscar not so evil but still young).. Oh and I'm a guppie mommie although I have yet to SEE the fry.. *giggles* and prays that the fry find a safe spot in the tank. Scott I've read your essay on "The Stand" Awesome, freaking awesome. I have both Palestine friends and Isreali friends, and it's amazing beening in houston they still hold grudges. It's so far entrenced, Hatred is going to take generations for it to mend. Ellen "Belly Dancing momma" WoooHoo. I actually just got hooked on belly dancing and am looking to find a class here locally. Your baby is gorgeos and the kitties are cute. I have 2 girlies and a just got re-married. I feel like a part of your famly after reading this site. And the Oscar Story put me in Stiches.. We recently discovered that Musashi Does not like Laser Lights. Oh yeah it's on, we've got the Oscar AND the Cat flying around the house at night after the laser light. *rolls on the floor laughing* Enough is enough. You guys have made my day so much brighter.

Posted by: Casscia on July 7, 2005 08:05 PM

Thanks! :)

Posted by: scott on July 8, 2005 12:35 PM
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