June 28, 2005
Being Unreasonable Right Back

For sale: 1 private lot for development, contact city government for more information:

On Monday June 27, Logan Darrow Clements, faxed a request to Chip Meany the code enforcement officer of the Towne of Weare, New Hampshire seeking to start the application process to build a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road. This is the present location of [Supreme Court Justice] Souter's home.

Is this another Dredd Scott? No, nobody's going to war over this. But it does show just how dangerous the Supreme Court can be. It's not the predictable left or right wing bias you should fear, it's the completely-out-of-left-field-we-are-the-SCOTUS-please-take-a-fuck-you-at-the-door decisions they have occasionally made that should keep you awake at night. Dredd Scott (aka "let's rip down the country just to see what the plebes come up with second time around") is just the best known, but just about any decision from the Warren court will do as well.

And yes dearies, I know which one you're thinking of, and I still stand behind the statement.

Via Siflay.

Posted by scott at June 28, 2005 03:50 PM

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Well ROTFLMAOPIMP. Now we will see if the decision in Kelo vs City On New London will pinch when it is on His Honor's foot.

Posted by: Pat on June 28, 2005 04:23 PM

Kelo vs City of New London

Posted by: Pat Johnson on June 28, 2005 04:24 PM

I don't know a thing about Mr. Logan Darrow Clements. But I like him. :D

Posted by: Kathy K on June 28, 2005 09:23 PM

Btw... I can't seem to find a trackback link to this?

Posted by: Kathy K on June 28, 2005 09:36 PM

I'm with Clements on this - is ther a fund??

Posted by: ep strong on July 24, 2005 08:27 PM
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