March 23, 2005
They Look Like Nuns on Wires to Me

~ Bad Burkhas Bad Burkahs Cha-dor Cha-dor / Whatcha gonna do? / Whatcha gonna do when dey come for you? ~

The first part looks like the above mentioned nuns on wires. The second reminds me of a giant female Three Stooges fan club. The third, well the third makes me think of the Keystone Cops. Only, you know, with robes.

Let's remember folks... never let logic get in the way of religio-political beliefs! We must enforce purity to uphold the revolution!

Posted by scott at March 23, 2005 01:13 PM

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While not nearly as fun to try and rhyme...those women are wearing chadors not burkahs. Geez get your Islamic hijab straight man! ;o)

Posted by: carrie on March 23, 2005 02:05 PM

That's my girl.

Posted by: Joshua on March 23, 2005 03:17 PM
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