March 05, 2005
Can't. Sleep. Teddy. Will. Eat. Me...

It's not the camera that'd bother me, it's the head following me around and talking to me that'd do it:

The teddy bear sitting in the corner of the child's room might look normal, until his head starts following the kid around using a face recognition program, perhaps also allowing a parent talk to the child through a special phone, or monitor the child via a camera and wireless Internet connection.

The plush prototype, on display at Microsoft Corp.'s annual gadget showcase Wednesday, is one of several ideas researchers have for robots.

The basic problem with this idea in our own household is Olivia's tendency to grab whichever stuffed animal catches her fancy, hug it cutely, then drop it on the floor and thunder away after an unsuspecting cat. So until Teddy can talk and walk, I see limited utility here.

Posted by scott at March 05, 2005 07:20 AM

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yeah - just what a child needs in the middle of the night. They move, and this shadow with eyes in the corner keeps moving and staring at them. Hell, the monsters under the bed are generally bad enough and a coat over a chair can seem like some sort of baddie 'come to get you' - but something moves on top of that?!? You're just asking to have a child pee itself and come running into your bedroom screamin...

Posted by: ronaprhys on March 5, 2005 08:01 AM
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