October 07, 2004
Historic "Kaboom"

Space.com is carrying this "story-and-a-picture" article detailing how scientists are taking a new look at an old (astronomical) friend. By using the latest imaging technologies available, astronomers have been able to get the most detailed view ever of "Kepler's Nova", the last supernova observed in our galaxy. Recorded in 1604, it is now roughly 14 light-years across and is expanding at some 1200 miles per second.

It's hoped that these new images will answer (unfortunately unspecified) questions about the object itself, as well as supernovae in general.

Posted by scott at October 07, 2004 03:33 PM

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ohhhhh - pretty picture, suitable for framing...

Posted by: ron on October 7, 2004 04:16 PM
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