October 07, 2004
"Punting" for Fun and Profit

Jeff gets a very large caliber no-prize mounted in a boat for discovering punt cannons, the boats in which they were used (scroll down until you see "ducks in a barrel"), and the practice of "Market Hunting", for which they were developed.

Meant to take out entire flocks of ducks at a time, these gargantuan shotguns have been illegal to use in their primary purpose since the 1920s. Jeff says he's seen a video of one of these monsters being fired, and that the recoil destroyed a wall of sandbags meant to brace the thing. Considering it's effectively a four gauge shotgun (essentially a 40 mm cannon firing shot rounds), I don't doubt it.

Posted by scott at October 07, 2004 11:49 AM

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Nope never saw something like that. Did see an M113 type track (With ~2 or 3 million dollars of equipment on it) roll over two CUCVs (Old style full size Chevy Blazers)

Also read about a brand new M48 tank being delivered to a unit in Vietnam. They didn't have any bridges that it could roll over to get to where it's unit was so they delivered it by landing craft. Landing craft rolled up to the beach and bottomed out ~20 or so feet from land. Tank rolled out of the landing craft right into a sink hole that was ~20 or so feet deep.

Crew bailed out of it no problem but they had to send it back for reconditioning.

Posted by: Jeff on October 7, 2004 01:18 PM

Wrong Post *Whaps self on head*

Posted by: Jeff on October 7, 2004 02:57 PM
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