August 31, 2004

We're still catching up on our TiVo'd Olympics stuff (I loved the way the Greeks made the fireworks zip across the top of the stadium), so we haven't caught any of the Republican convention. Which means we missed Rudi:

Neither party has a monopoly on virtue; we donít have all the right ideas, they donít have all the wrong ideas, but I do believe there are times in history when our ideas are more necessary, and more important, and critical. And this is one of those times Ė when we are facing war and danger.


Exiting stage-right before the yellow-dog peanut gallery remembers where they put the crate of old tomatoes...

Update: Transcripts are your friend. When you're smart enough to find them anyway. Must learn to use google more effectively...

Posted by scott at August 31, 2004 12:20 PM

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