August 20, 2004
How to Collect Ellen's Life Insurance Policy in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Make the toilet slosh water all by itself.
  2. Make the toilet do it again.
  3. Get her to open the lid
  4. Profit:

[LuAnn] Crim was in the bathroom at her home in Perrinton, north of St. Johns. She had just combed her hair, applied a dab of lipstick and was adding a little eye makeup, when the water in a nearby toilet sloshed ... "I looked in there," Crim wrote, "just as a very wet, bedraggled, dark-colored ANIMAL swam up out of the toilet trap and scrambled to get out."

Via Silflay.

Posted by scott at August 20, 2004 03:21 PM

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of course, if it didn't work, she'd be collecting on yours...

Posted by: ron on August 20, 2004 07:10 PM
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