August 07, 2004
Speaking of Porno...

Matt Damon seems to have gone on record as wanting to make his own porn flick:

Damon, 33, believes X-rated films and action movies are predictable and badly written and is keen to break the trend by creating a adult movie where the narrative is as important as the graphic sex scenes.

Somehow I think he said it all with a wink and a smile, but again, why not? In the early 70s, mainstream studios were seriously considering creating high-dollar adult films, and crossovers between mainstream and hardcore "talent" were not unheard of. It's not like "real" actors are any less exhibitionist than their "normal" co-workers.

Posted by scott at August 07, 2004 10:39 AM

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Good for Mr. Damon. I can honestly say that a porno with something of a plot would be quite refreshing. I would also like to see alot LESS freanken-boob-jobs myself. Seriously, fake breasts are NOT attractive. Especially if the job was done BADLY. Uch. I've seen many pornos and I can say early 70's porn is better than most of the crap we have today. BTW I hate fake boobs and I find them to be a major sign of insecurity as well as other unnecessary proceedures of plastic surgery. I will give some rare instances a look over. Such as Carmen Electra having such a procedure done in order to fix a problem caused by a car accident. Well, that's the story I've heard.

Posted by: Steve on August 8, 2004 08:59 AM

So all a porn star has to do is invent a story about being in an auto accident to change her boob job from "ugly" to "awesome?"

Someone is letting their values cloud their ability to weigh artistic merits...

Posted by: Tatterdemalian on August 9, 2004 12:05 AM

Let me just add to the fake boobs = ugh.

There was a film made that was considered to be an story driven plot heavy porno. Anyone remember "Eyes Wide Shut"? Yeah, I know lots of people didn't like it.

What people don't understand is that Kubrick had a long time fascination of making a highly artistic, mainstream porn. Did he succede? Well, the reviews and other people that didn't like the move called it a "just a stylized porno."

While there was much more to the story then that (come on, Kubrick always had several levels to his films) This is what hapens when mainstream meets something close to an adult film. There was plot, dialog, and naked bodies, and it all revolved around someone getting "lucky", and the torment of the possibility of someone else getting it instead.

But what it all boils down to is this was a good combined mainstream/porno flick. The american censors and theaters didn't apreciate it and there had to be digital alterations for the innocent american audience.

The american public isn't mature enough to handle something that would be rated NC-17 or the much feared "X" rating hitting the big screen and still be considered anything but "smut". And that is a sad statement.

Posted by: Joshua on August 9, 2004 12:43 PM
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