August 06, 2004
Belly of the Beast

Jason linked up this superb grunt's-eye-view account of the latest Mosul ambush:

We were driving there on that main street, when all of the sudden all hell came down all around on us, all these guys wearing all black ... a couple dozen on each side of the street, on rooftops, alleys, edge of buildings, out of windows, everywhere just came out of fucking nowhere and started firing RPG's and AK47's at us. I freaked the fuck out and ducked down in the hatch. I yelled "WE GOT FUCKIN HAJI'S ALL OVER THE FUCKIN PLACE!!! THERE ALL OVER GOD DAMNIT!!!"

Includes a user's review of the latest army wonder weapon, the Stryker. Amazingly, this particular system seems to be working as-advertised, straight out of the box.

The follow-up is just as good:

I'm pretty sure if Mosul was contaminated and infested with reporters and journalists, they would totally blow Mosul all outta proportion and make this place out to be like Viet Fuckin Nam or twist and distort everything, like I've seen them do soo many times since I've been here. But instead, we get no press, so they think its fuckin Disnyland here.

Oh hell, the whole thing is extremely interesting. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that the "greatest generation" is the one that happens to be in battle.

Posted by scott at August 06, 2004 11:42 AM

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Here's a link to some quickie info on the Stryker

Yes it's a PDF and it's short on real info, but it does have some cool pics.

Also, there may be a good reason for having the ammo on the outside, but I think they might've borrowed from the Abrahms tank and just put an explosion resistant hatch there so you don't have to run your silly ass outside in a firefight...

Also, it looks like they were in the Infantry Carrier configuration, from what I read

Posted by: ron on August 6, 2004 02:25 PM

Thanks for the link. Now I want one for Christmas. I hope Santa will bring me one. Hahahahahaha. Seriously, I want one.

Posted by: Steve on August 8, 2004 09:10 AM
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