July 29, 2004
Kitty wants a squirrel

Okay - here I am, back from work and just trying to get a few things done before heading off to play soccer. Minding my own business, I go walking into the kitchen and what do I see? Skippy - absolutely intent on something on our back porch.

As many of you may know, Amber has a soft spot for little 'cute' animals. Now, cute isn't defined in the normal fuzzy manner as I've been subjected to cute lizards, katydids, frogs, and other such nonsense, as well as the normal gamit of cats, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. As part of her soft spot, we've got several bird feeders hanging in our little back porch area. Unfortunately for us, we've got stupid birds here in Virginia, so they're rarely used.

That doesn't mean we don't fill them up when all of the seed is blown out. We certainly do. And we have a nice bag of birdseed just sitting on the back porch. We also have a door from our kitchen that leads to the porch - and it's one of those with glass the whole way down to roughly 6" off the floor.

So, here I am, just trying to get a glass of water and what do I see? I see the Skipster, tail wagging in that snakelike fashion that cats tails wag when they're intent on death and destruction. He's just staring out the windows. So, following his gaze, I see the bag of birdseed. Next to the bag of birdseed, what do I see? A bird? Nope - our birds are stupid. I see a common grey squirrel. Well, interestingly enough, the squirrel sees me and wigs out. He goes a sprinting up the kayaks (don't ask) to the top of the porch rail. And just sits there, tail going much like the cats, only about 100 times quicker - guess Skippy didn't scare him at all, but the large human coming around the corner is particularly heart-stopping...

Well, it's good to know that our cats don't inspire fear into the warm fuzzy things out there.

And no, in spite of my strong, strong desire to do so, I didn't open the door and let Skippy chase him down...

Posted by ron at July 29, 2004 03:15 PM

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