July 28, 2004
The Return of the Cat Week

Today we have Skippy. Heís the squirrelly little whiner of a cat that just loves to play. Amber got him roughly 5 years ago when she was still a vet tech. Apparently, someoneís son had kicked the hell out of him and broken his front right arm bad enough that they were going to put him down. Amber, being a lover of all thatís warm and fuzzy prevailed, had a steel pin put in his leg to repair the broken bone, and made sure he stayed alive. He got the name Skippy because he was in a cast from his little paw to his shoulder and had to skip around to get anywhere.


Now, like I said, he just wants to play or get loved on. Heís the only cat I know that likes to play tag Ė heís almost like a dog (which is a HUGE compliment from me as Iím the resident dog lover). However, he does hate dogs. Even though Pongo (my 13yo black lab/chow mix) wouldnít hurt a thing, Skippy still whines whenever Pongo gets near him.

The Skipster is also our only cat that likes to go outdoors. One day, just for fun, we put him in a little kitty harness and a leash and took him outside. After a bit of tentativeness, heís decided he loves it. He almost even walks where you want him to go. Unfortunately, we created a monster with this Ė now, every chance he gets, heís in front of the door whining like a 3rd grade girl.

The whining he does canít be emphasized enough Ė pick him up and hold him, he whines. Grab his little tail, he whines. Basically, do anything to him and he whines. The upside is that itís fun to make him whine. And the even bigger upside? He loves me and comes to play even though all Iím gonna do is mess with him until he whines againÖ

Posted by ron at July 28, 2004 05:23 PM

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EWWW!!! It's Yippee Skippy!

Posted by: ellen on July 28, 2004 10:35 PM
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