July 26, 2004
Cat Week strikes again

Today’s Kitty is “Uma” and as you can see she isn’t a small cat (and not really bright, either). She is our resident love-kitty who wants nothing but food and attention.


Uma originally joined Ron’s household several years ago when he was living in Ohio. Someone’s cat had apparently given birth and the bastard just dropped the kittens near Ron’s warehouse. Uma managed to somehow sneak in the building and took up residence in a stack of pallets. As a precursor to her proven lack of intelligence, she tried to escape the warehouse and hide under Ron’s car. Ron lured her out with a piece of grass and captured her, brought her home and introduced her to his other kitty (Target) who is currently on the Heavy Side Layer. Roughly 4 days after he brought her into his apartment, she finally decided to come out and be seen by the world.

Currently, she lives in the bedroom – she hates Garrison with a calico passion as he has this unholy urge to rape her and she is not that kind of girl. So she decided that living in our bedroom is a much better option. She also licks herself what is loved on, she rolls over (summersaults), and makes little bird/burble noises. If you smack her little (well, not so little) ass too much, she gets a bit over-stimulated and tries to attack your hand – an operation somewhat impeded by the fact that she closes her eyes and turns her head the other way…

She also has the nickname “Uma Toes”. Why? When under furniture, she positions herself in such a way that all you see, if you’re walking through a room, are the tips of her toes. If she was in the musical Cats she would be my Jenny Annie Dots.

Posted by amber at July 26, 2004 07:49 PM

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EWW!!!! she is roasting herself! :) UUUUUuuumaaaa Kitty!!!!!

ps. how are my rotten bunch? I miss my fur babies!!:(

Posted by: ellen on July 26, 2004 09:48 PM

Apparently, they are being reasonably well-behaved. Magrat hasn't actually bitten anyone - though she's tried. Booboo was hiding, which caused a bit of consternation until we found her. Aside from that, everyone is good.

And yes, the stove had been on that night - she was sitting next to it for warmth. I told you she wasn't that bright. Think Christmas tree light next to a spot light...

Posted by: Ron on July 27, 2004 12:05 AM
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