July 25, 2004
Cat Week here at the Kitty Condo

As you may know, the Discovery Channel has “Shark Week”, where the entire week is dedicated to different sharks and their behavior, habitats and so on. Well, since we have control over amcgltd.com this week is now “ Cat Week”. Each day a different cat will be highlighted, a small biography will be written dedicated to that feline and all of it’s little quirky idiosyncrasies. It may be one of ours or it could be one of Scott and Ellen’s.

Garrison Phillips


Today’s Shark…… is “Garrison”. He is a rotten, badly behaved feline with incredibly selective hearing, who was found outside about 7 years ago and has done nothing constructive since then. He breaks things, chases the other feline residents tries to rape them. (He has no neu-neu’s Editor's note: Neu-Neu's are those things that you had before you went to see the vet and didn't have after - which now means you have a compelling urge to decorate) He is loud, always in the way and eats non-stop. He's the infamous mouse catcher in the house. Editor's Note: Yes, the same one written about in the Great Mouse Chronicles. We have had a few little fuzzy visitors and he thinks they are his personal play things that run and wiggle, and apparently are rather tasty.

Note from Ron - Typically, the first thing people say when they see him is a paraphrase of what they say when they first see Cartman of South Park fame - "Goddammit that's a big, fat cat." He's roughly 5' long from the tip of his toes to the end of his tail when he's stretched out fully. He also weighs around 25lbs when he's healthy. Currently, he has diabetes and has lost an enormous amount of weight, but due to the skill of the vets that Ellen works with and Amber's diligence, he's come back from 13lbs and is up closer to 20 now.

When visitors come over, Garrison steals the show. Everyone loves him and wants to take him home. However, these nice people who claim they are our friends would cease to be were they to take him home and have a large portion of their belongs 'defiled' by him. He is rather destructive and has moved large objects, like coffee tables, by running into or under them. To I think he's doing this to help simplify our lives. For example, we now have 4 wine glasses instead of 6. Those pesky pictures that I framed and put on the coffee table are now gone. Those little knick-knacks on the kitchen counter? Gone. The $700 couch *scratching post* that Ron bought? At least it's and Ikea so we can replace the cover... Apparently, he has a burning desire to visit Shanghai because he's currently trying to dig to China, but has yet to get through that pesky layer of carpet and concrete first.

His current habitat is laying on the dining room table, crawling above the refridgerator, or laying on the tile floors. His favorite foods include his DM (a diabetes specific food), olives, flowers, mice, and anything else he can get his little mouth around.

For those of you who've seen Cats, he's my Rum-Tug Tugger.

Posted by ron at July 25, 2004 10:38 AM

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YAY!!! kitty pixes!!!

Great idea for Cat Shark Week!

Mr Garrison! Mr Kitty Kitty Meow Meow!!!!!! Make sure you spank his diabetic ass for me! SOOO Schweeet!!! There are NO kitties here at the prefabricated home! BUT I get to see kitties as of tuesday! :)

Posted by: ellen on July 25, 2004 11:15 AM

The kitties she gets to see Tues., if she brings toys or treats, are Patches my #1 clown cat and Nala my back up cat. Patches and Nala are brother and sister I adopted in March. They let me live at my apartment if I feed them immediately upon arriving home from work and scoop the cat boxes at least once a day also immediately upon arriving home from work. So far their manners are immaculate, they shed hair in a proper manner and come to me if they so desire when I call them.

Posted by: Pat on July 25, 2004 02:46 PM

BTW Ron and Amber, very nice job of blog sitting! Any time you feel the urge to catsit, I will FedEx my big ole furrbabies to your place.

Posted by: Pat on July 25, 2004 02:53 PM
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