July 20, 2004
On This Day

35 years ago, some time tonight, Niel Armstrong will be landing on the moon. Kind of funny to think about, but Olivia is only two months younger than I was when it happened.

And the music goes round and round

Posted by scott at July 20, 2004 03:41 PM

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The time was 10:56PM EST when Armstrong stepped out of that capsule and onto the moons surface. Your dad & I were awake sitting on the couch. I was two months pregnant with Jeff, during the time when women are sooooo tired we could go to sleep standing up. lol Your dad kept trying to wake me up so I wouldn't miss that historic moment that he was so much a part of. I kept falling over literally. No VCRs in those day, he finally gave up and let me sleep with my head in his lap so at the absolute last moment he shook me and I saw Armstrong put his foot down on the moon's surface the I just keeled back over.

Just my experience with that moment.

Posted by: Pat on July 20, 2004 05:54 PM

Ted Kennedy was leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in his car.

Posted by: Timmy on July 22, 2004 11:04 AM
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