July 19, 2004
Youth Gone Mild

Instapundit linked up this Tech Central column noting something I'd already observed directly: today's kids actuall get along:

Violence, drug use and teen sex have declined. Kids are becoming more conservative politically and socially. They want to get married and have large families. And, get this, they adore their parents.

The Mood of American Youth Survey found that more than 80 percent of teenagers report no family problems -- up from about 40 percent a quarter-century ago. In another poll, two-thirds of daughters said they would "give Mom an 'A.'

While I'm not sure Nina would give her mom an "A", I doubt she'd give her anything less than a B-. We just got back from a big party in New York that included a lot of Nina's friends, and the lack of pissing and moaning about parents was only remarkable when I thought about it.

To those of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s, when cultural liberalism (and, perforce, cultural strife) was at its height, the change is amazing. Maybe year 14 won't be a horror of teen angst and hormones for us.

Yeah, right.

Posted by scott at July 19, 2004 09:28 AM

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