July 13, 2004
Top Gun, Top Dumb

Fark linked up this Sun article about a Jaguar (older British attack airplane) pilot who, while celebrating the completion of a hard week-long training, clipped a lamp post with the wing tip of his plane. Airplanes are good at a lot of things, but hitting stuff with the wings isn't one of them. He's damned lucky to be alive.

Back when the Reno unlimited air races were a lot more "wild n' wooley" than they are now, pilots would sometimes land with severely damaged wing or horizontal stabilizer leading edges. One of the fastest ways around the pylons is to fly as low as possible, and these guys were so far in the dirt they were hitting jackrabbits with their airplanes. No kidding.

Remember folks, when you're racing for "who can fly the lowest", you want second place.

Posted by scott at July 13, 2004 08:10 AM

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Seen 'em do similar stuff in training. Gad zooks! Althouhg when low and fast is a lifesaver, you'd better have some practice somewhere.

Posted by: Timmy on July 15, 2004 01:07 AM
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