June 21, 2004
Eye in the Sky

New Scientist is carrying this article that provides a very graphic illustration that the Mad Mullahs in Iran are most definitely up to something:

Nuclear inspectors are expected to visit a site in the Iranian capital, Tehran, following evidence from satellite photographs that it was scraped clean earlier in 2004.

With, of course, nifty pictures to show that the camera doesn't lie.

Only the media are dense enough to believe an oil-rich, sparsely populated country needs nuclear power for its energy needs. They're working on a bomb, people, and working on it as hard and as fast as their desperate little sandal-clad feet and sand-scratched hands will let them.

We barely trust ourselves with this technology, and anyone who thinks an unelected brutalizing theocracy with a proven track record of terrorism has some sort of right to one of these things needs to have their head examined. We're a little busy right now with their neighbors, so I can only hope Israel steps up to the plate again to ensure they remain the only nuclear power in the region.

Because, after all, America won't be the first target of an Arab bomb. We'll be the second. And if you doubt that for one second you're either dangerously naive or working for the other side.

Posted by scott at June 21, 2004 01:18 PM

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