June 16, 2004
When Candidates Attack

Please welcome Jim Giles, running for Mississippi's 3rd congressional district:

Iím running for Mississippiís third congressional district as an Independent ... I want to bring ALL our troops home from Iraq NOW ... This election year is different than most. This year you vote for the Iraqi War or against the Iraqi War ... Jim Giles opposes the Iraqi War and would bring all troops home NOW!

"Waitaminute..." I can hear the peanut gallery thinking, "Scott's a reactionary neocon bent on world domination. There's gotta be a catch."

Drat. You figured it out:

White Christian-Republican Whore Chip Pickering the incumbent represents rich whites and negroes. Jim Giles will represent working and middle class whites ... You ain't smart if you believe what them jews tell you!

Ain't politics grand?

Posted by scott at June 16, 2004 06:34 PM

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