May 29, 2004
Just be Real Careful

Slashdot linked up someone building a giant, flyable scale model of a B-52. Built, actually, since by the pictures it would seem to be flying. Looks to have a wingspan of at least 12, maybe 15 feet, and reportedly weighs in at over 300 lbs. Apparently powered by eight very tiny turbojets, it's probably the most amazing flying scale model I've ever seen. Don't miss the videos... the thing even sounds right.

The collective noted the fuel consumption of eight turbines, even tiny ones, is probably impressive. The speculation is that the thing is mostly gas tank. Very, very cool.

Posted by scott at May 29, 2004 03:17 PM

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you know, it'd be fun to load the thing up with scale bombs (I know enough chemistry to be dangerous here...) and then bomb stuff. Like tailgaters on Toll Road... competitors... nursing homes.. you know - good, clean american fun

Posted by: ron on May 30, 2004 11:24 AM
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