May 24, 2004
You Just Think Your Neighbors are Bad

Currently we are fine with our neighbors. They are quiet, polite, and nice people. Of course, we've had our share of not-so-nice-neighbors, like the family of nine illegals in a single-bedroom apartment, the guy who would dump our laundry out of the machine and then take them over for the next six hours, and of course the Rasta with an amazing Marijuana habit (although Ellen tended to stand next to the wall and sniff a lot when he lived next door).

But they were nothing, nothing, like what these people discovered about their neighbor. Now, when we've moved, we've tended to leave things cluttered and certainly quite a bit smellier than normal (5 cats will do that), but our fridge and bathrooms were spotless compared to this horror. I'm sure the landlords were oh-so-happy when they did their post-moveout inspection.

Update: Mom will probably not be surprised to learn the guy was a Veteran who's next stop was a VA hospital (third-from-last question).

Posted by scott at May 24, 2004 12:51 PM

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