April 29, 2004
~ I Puts on Women's Clothing, and Hangs Around in Bars ~

So let's say you're a guy going through the attic getting ready to move, and lo and behold you find your ex-wife's wedding dress. What do you do? What do you do, punk?!? Sell it on e-bay, of course:

I found my ex-wife's wedding dress in the attic when I moved. She took the $4000 engagement ring but left the dress. I was actually going to have a dress burning party when the divorce became final, but my sister talked me out of it. She said, "Thatís such a gorgeous dress. Some lucky girl would be glad to have it. You should sell it on EBay. At least get something back for it." So, this is what Iím doing. Iím selling it hoping to get enough money for maybe a couple of Mariners tickets and some beer.

You'll never believe who he's got modeling the thing. Even better is the description:

As I was putting this ad in EBay, it asked me for a color. Is a wedding dress any other freaking color than white or ivory??!! If it is it wouldn't be a wedding dress, now would it?? I suppose black would work...

God I love this country!

Posted by scott at April 29, 2004 12:43 PM

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Did you happen to notice how many bids he received and what the final selling price was?

Posted by: Pat on April 30, 2004 08:33 AM
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