April 20, 2004
Passwords R Us

There's not a sysadmin in the world who's going to be surprised by this one:

Almost three quarters of office workers in an impromptu man-on-the-street survey were willing to give up their passwords when offered the bribe of a chocolate bar.

One of the most grating parts of my job is new executives and their passwords. I set passwords for people around here, mainly to keep them from choosing "dog" or "bob" or "sue" or things like that. Most folks accept them or work with me to modify them toward something they'll remember. Executives, on the other hand, are quite indignant that they can't a) set their own password and b) must work with an "underling" to make the change. I mean, privacy and security are so important! Within six weeks, however, their executive assistant knows their password, and of course they have no problem sharing it with me.

Is a lobotomy just required for someone to the executive pool?

Posted by scott at April 20, 2004 09:23 AM

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Doesn't matter what you do. At least half of them will write down the password on a piece of paper and either paste it on their monitor or put it under the keyboard.

Posted by: Kathy K on April 20, 2004 11:01 AM
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