April 19, 2004
Save the Children!

The latest incarnation of nanny-state-ism seems to be protecting your children from your own weblog:

But if, in the future, a prospective partner, friend or employer should type the child's name into Google, will they appreciate having so much of their childhood documented for all to read?

And of course, we have to raise the next logical "so-extreme-no-reasonable-person-could-discount-it" possibility:

And what of the remote possibility that a paedophile will find the photos, and re-use them in unspeakable ways? It's enough to make any parent want to switch the computer off.

Oh please save us from people who think they know more about raising my child than I do. You want to protect your kid? Teach them common-sense rules, keep an eye on your local offender database, and make sure you know who their friends are. You want to protect my kid? Mind your own damned business.

Posted by scott at April 19, 2004 01:42 PM

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