September 26, 2003
Cat Kills Owner

Now before you all whine and cry on thats why a cat needs to be declawed, READ the fucking story ok? Pay particular attention to where it happened and what the owner fed it. M-kay?

A 76-year-old woman in Thessaloniki paid for her love for animals with her life, when she was attacked in her apartment by her cat, and died of blood loss.

Read entire story here.

This is a VERY VERY rare case. I'm not even 100% sure if this was a domesticated (note that I said domesticated) house cat. I guess the cat wanted FRESH raw meat.

Posted by Ellen at September 26, 2003 07:50 PM

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Sounds like a future bedtime story to me.

Posted by: Laurence Simon on September 28, 2003 12:06 PM

If anyone spotted this, I would have expected you Lair. Next I expect to see a story of a person crushed to death by a fat cat.

Posted by: mog on September 28, 2003 04:10 PM

The reason I saw this post is that I have seen on Portuguse TV news that a woman was killed during the night by her cat, attacked her while she slept by strangulation (thorat apparantly).

And my friend ahs already told me that her friend's farther was killed by a cat as well.

They were both elderly people. The TV one and my friend.

It is a bit concerning, and although it seems rare, it happens more often than one thinks.

Cats are still instinctive creatures, and as loving as they are, one cannot read a cats mind.

Posted by: Helio on October 21, 2006 07:52 AM
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