May 24, 2003
35 Weeks

Last week of the so called 8th month. As of next friday, we will be in the 9th month and ready to pop any minute. Hopefully any second. My midwife warned us that any time after 36 week is term and to 'be ready'. Shit... we still have to pack the hospital bag and the baby bag and toss it into the car.

Actual conversation in the car this morning:

Me: "We have to get an overnight bag for me and for the baby."

Scott: "The baby? Why the hell does the baby need an overnight bag?"

Me: "Duh. We'll need diapers, and clothes to go home with, diaper wipes, the works."

Scott: "You mean they don't just give you those things?"

Me: "Of course not. What the hell are you talking about?"

Scott [in a slightly smaller voice]: "Well, um... I figured you'd get, like, a complimentary set of, I dunno, like, paper clothes or something."

Me: "You're not picking up a new car you moron! You're picking up a baby. We'll be lucky if the hospital lets us go without donating a pound of flesh!"

We did our research on pediatricians, and managed to find one near home. So we have chosen to use the hospital pediatrician for the initial exam, then see our "real" pediatrician a few days later for the newborn check up (why they want you to bring a new baby into a living petri-dish of an office is beyond me).

We did most of the last of our shopping today for Olivia. We bought the diaper pail I have had my eye on for some time, got a few binkies (pacifiers... glow in the dark ones!), a binky clip to attach to clothing, the human-milking-device so that Scott or someone else can have the wonderful task of feeding Olivia since both of us need to return to work. And of course, the monitor.

My mother got Olivia a few lamps for her room that have cats on the lampshades. Very catty trend going on in this baby room (Scott says "duh", no idea why). The last thing left to do is get the blinds and curtains for the window. I think I want to sleep in that room now.

We have also finally assembled the stroller and playpen/bassinet. The cats are very into these items. Especially Ajax. He thinks the playpen is for him. When I first put it together, he made a cavalry charge to get into the playpen and got bounced back by the mesh sides. Boioioioingggg! Only then did the cat realize he had to go up and over to get into the playpen. How cool! *thump* Ajax looks out of all 4 sides, and then decides it's time for sleep. *thud* (Any of you out there who begin to bitch about my cat playing on Olivia's stuff is going to get burnt at the stake in my front yard. Note I will bring marshmallows to roast on you. I am adjusting my cats to the idea of something new coming as a good thing, not a punishment. Oh, and the anthropologist that says quadrupedal animals don't sleep on their back? I have a lump of roadkill snoring in the bottom of my playpen, twitching paws in the air, I'd like to show you.)

Scott and I are also in the process of doing Olivia's laundry. Lots of it. It doesn't seem like it's ending either! I hear we have at least 26 bibs coming soon, among other necessities. Apparently some southern grandmother is going to need to be institutionalized for her spending sprees on Olivia (Pat: "As long as they have chocolate and access to e-bay they can take me anywhere.") This child is set for quite a long time on clothing and accesories. Accesories we did not even think we needed, until we saw what was in the boxes.

Scott:"What on earth is this thing!?"

Me: "I think it's one of those burp cloth thingies, but its shaped for your shoulder."

Scott: "But it has cats on it. It's too cute to use. I think I'm getting cavities just looking at it."

Me: "You don't want to even look at the baby socks then. I think my ears just started leaking sugar."

This is the point where Scott runs away screaming and I find him twitching at his computer console later that night. "Must. Conquer. Aliens..."

Odd thing about getting larger by the day is that you can use your belly as a shelf. You can balance the TV remote on it even put your bowl of icecream on it (albeit with much protest of the parasite you are balancing it on). We think she is going to be born with crumbs of food on her head since I have a tendency to be kind of clumsy when I eat now and most of it ends up sitting on my belly.

One of the hard things in life is attempting to shave your bikini line. Yeah, we still have to do that. Just because one is pregnant does not mean that one gets all nasty and unkempt down there. Shaving takes at least 3 times longer, since there is this belly in the way and one cannot see certain areas of one's body anymore. Oh, and nics suck.

My feet are also deciding it's time to get swollen. Shoes are bad, and socks just suck. Scott laughs and notes this must be the 'barefoot and pregnant' stage.

I do want to remember this belly since it's not going to be around much longer. Got to whip out the camera and actually take some real pictures of myself with it. I also want to do one of those belly cast things, which Scott thinks is a weird idea.

All we do know is that Olivia is not getting here soon enough.

Posted by Ellen at May 24, 2003 05:30 PM

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I think it is a very good idea to let the kitty cats scope out Olivia's things. The day I brought Scott home from the hospital I put the carrier, with him in it, down in the middle of the den floor and let my two doxie dogs sniff and explore and give doggie kisses to him. I thought my Mom was going to have a right proper southern "hissy fit". lol They lost interest quickly. You are in the home stretch now! So excited, can't wait. From now on I am saving my money for a plane ride in that B17 lol

Posted by: Pat on May 24, 2003 06:27 PM

If the cats really stake out the playpen and you start to want them to GET OUT already, fill it with (inflated) balloons. They'll learn in short order that it is not a place for them.

Posted by: jennifer and the beans on May 25, 2003 10:14 AM

So funny! I'm right at 35 weeks & was looking for info on development at 35 weeks (my baby is a little squirt -- with Intrauterine Fetal Abdominal Growth Disorder -- in other words, her abdominal circumference is lagging behind the growth of the rest of her body. I can only hope that Little Barbie is still suffering from this disorder when she's forty. Anyway, your cat stories are funny. I have two & they love hanging out in the bassinet, much to the chagrin of baby's dad, baby's grandparents & all other non-cat people. It's nice to know that there are people in the world who aren't freaked out about cat/baby interaction. C.

Posted by: Carol on September 18, 2003 07:47 PM

Hi, I am 35 weeks now, Im going to have a baby boy and I am so excited. The babies father had been deployed last March. hes in the army, so He may not be here for the birth. I just hope he is. My Baby is due on Nov. 13 which is my birthday, so what a very special gift...

Posted by: Lela on October 8, 2003 10:09 PM
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