May 03, 2003
32 Weeks

Ughh!! this won't end soon enough! In the past week major changes have taken place. It seems like I have gotten larger overnight.

Comfort is quite difficult. So is bending over, shaving your legs, putting on stockings (an essential!), sitting down without some sort of pillow behind you, standing up for more than 15 minutes in a stretch, your back always hurts... the list is endless right now.

It comes to a very sad point in your life when all you can think about and look foward to is laying down on your bed on your side, tucked into all 5 pillows and just attempt to relax. Of course, when you are all relaxed, you suddenly realize you have to pee. This requires you to roll out of the bed. At any point if you attempt to pick yourself up out of bed like you did months ago ( using your ab muscles) you realize there is a good chance of giving yourself a hernia.

There is no more room in this belly, though its going to get more crowded soon. Scott cannot wait for this to all be over with. His point of view is that he is just a passenger on this ride and it's not as real for him as it is for me.

We finally booked our hospital 'tour'. This happens June 5th. Apparently , this was one of the only tours for the month of May and June for the hospital, and we got one of the last 3 slots.

I did get griped out by one of the midwives this week at my appointment. She looked at me like I had 6 heads that I was not taking a Lamaze class. I felt like asking her if she would like to pay the $160 for the class for me. My lamaze class is going to be a brown paper bag. This is where doctors and midwives clash. One of my doctors, who owns the practice and has been an OB/GYN for more than 25 years recommended if that if I did not know what kind of birthing method I wanted, just to wait to see what midwife I got that day. He said she would most likely get me to relax with what ever method she felt I would do well with, and not to worry.

My mother on the other hand, told me she forgot how to breathe when she had my sister. She did the Lamaze thing, no pain control. All she told me was that 'it hurts'. She did not go into the details. She only told me that you will look at your baby in amazment and think "that really came out of me?"

Apparently, the baby is supposed to be approximately 3 3/4 pounds and is about 16 1/2 inches long from head to toes. And she is only supposed to get bigger.

8 weeks seems like a long time away.

Posted by Ellen at May 03, 2003 08:26 PM

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((((Ellen))) Consider yourself hugged!!!

Posted by: Pat on May 3, 2003 11:32 PM

It only gets more fun from here on out.

Screw the stockings, put your feet up, get Scott to cater to your every whim (he should get used to this NOW), and ask for an epidural from now until the baby is officially out of your body.

Posted by: Da Goddess on May 4, 2003 05:17 AM

I don't know how I can possibly screw the stockings since I will be working till my due date. I am on my feet for nearly 9 hours a day. When I get home, the feet do go up. They do make quite a big difference in the swelling of my ankles and legs during the day.

My gf A, works in a pharmacy and got me Rx maternity stockings. A pain to get pain to pull down to use the bathroom, but a real nice treat to the legs. :)

Posted by: Ellen on May 4, 2003 09:53 AM

I Totally agree with Joanie about the epidural, but if you want to go another way and want Lamaze classes you got them.

Posted by: Pat on May 4, 2003 10:18 AM

I cannot believe the OB/GYN would tell you to wait until you go into labor and see which midwife you get to decide how you want to manage Olivia's birth. I do not believe in pain if you can avoid it and when your doctor can give birth then he can have to right to suggest such a thing for himself. Until then it was plain stupid to tell you that.

Posted by: Pat Johnson on May 4, 2003 10:23 AM

Who says I'm taking lamaze class? I'm not taking any class. I'm lucky enough to have the time to take the stupid tour, since the 'on line' tour does not count.

As I said before, I have had several friends who have had epidurals that got fucked up. One of them who was knicked and was paralyzed from the neck down. A few others only had the right side numb. By the time they noticed it was not working correctly, it was too late to I was told.

I have NO idea how I am going to do when the times comes, and I'm not stupid to ask for pain control. I just really wish everyone would get off my back about this damn epidural.

Posted by: Ellen on May 4, 2003 10:37 AM

Sorry! I promise I will not mention it again. I only thought if you wanted to attend the Lamaze classes I didn't want money to be an issue. Bad mom-in-law, hanging her head in shame and hiding in the corner with the doxie dog.

Posted by: Pat on May 4, 2003 02:52 PM

Money is an issue with these classes. They are either 6 weeks long, and impossible to get into, or they are 2 hours at a time starting at 8 pm. Plus they start at $160 for a class. What ever happened to a weekend class? Those seem to have disapeared.

Thank god for books.

Posted by: Ellen on May 4, 2003 03:58 PM
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