April 30, 2003
This Aughta Give Ellen the Shivers

People think catfish get big, but I bet most of you don't know just how big. Rumor has it that the catfish below the navigational dam near my old home town were so big maintenance divers were afraid to do their jobs. I personally saw a catfish pulled out of there so big it took four guys to carry it up the bank. Don't believe me? See these:

A fish-shaped no-prize to Pat for sending us these!

Update: Looks like these are all part of a practice called catfish "noodling", wherein one swims around in muddy water and threads a rope or something THROUGH the mouth & gills of the fish. Ok, that's #16 on the list of things NOT to do when camping.

Posted by scott at April 30, 2003 03:53 PM

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I have a lemon tree in my backyard....and cajun spices.

BBQ anyone?

Posted by: Da Goddess on May 4, 2003 05:28 AM
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